Holiday curves

Fall is here and the holidays are around the corner. Ladies.. We need these curves to be jolly in the right spot when we wear our cute outfits. Wait.. cute outfits? Yes! We all have a chance to feel sexy, beautiful, and still be cozy during the holidays! Here are a few outfit ideas as we jump into the festivities with our amazing curves:

  1. A loud jacket: Yes, when we walk into the office or into the dinner we need everyone looking your way as you strut your way down the walkway. For example, a beautiful plum jacket over a black dress would look bold and beautiful or you can wear it over your all time favorite jeans and go with a stylish yet relaxed look.
  2. Belts: A skinny brown belt with your favorite blue top and cute ripped jeans will rock anyones world. That blue blouse hanging in your closet needs life and definition so shop for a cute brown skinny belt and throw it on and you will see the blue blouse turn into a sexy blouse. For example, blue blouse with black ripped jeans and black high heels finished off with the skinny brown belt. You will become unstoppable!

    Feeling confident in all black with brown combat boots!
  3. Knee High Boots: The boots can make any body look gorgeous in a minute. You can wear your favorite knee high boots with any outfit on top and an automatic guarantee for a cute outfit! For example, black leggings with a black blouse and olive green jacket finished off with the knee high brown boots. Gorgeous!
  4. Scarfs: Color coordinating scarfs is a no brainer and it will make anyone look confident! If it’s chilly outside, don’t think twice on adding a scarf to your outfit because it will bump up the sexy level.
  5. Smile: The most important and sexiest accessory you can ever add to your wardrobe is a smile. A smile can lightup the room and most of all, it lights up your eyes so it is a win win for everyone! Put on the outfit and a beautiful smile and you will be the sexiest and most confident woman in the office during the holidays.

    All black spaghetti strap blouse paired with ripped jeans! 

These are only a few accessories to help your outfit or even to boost your confidence.There are many other accessories that can be added to revive your outfits. Either way, embrace those curves because you deserve to go out and feel amazing during the holidays!



All photos taken by me.


Few steps to overcoming body shaming…

Body shaming is everywhere and you might be hurting yourself without the intention of wanting to be hurt. You are probably unlocking your phone while sipping on your morning coffee and BOOM.. you see a society definedIMG_6594 beautiful model in a swimsuit and instantly feel ashamed your hips or stomach rolls don’t match.

This feeling carries throughout the day and leads up to hours of researching different diets while feeling hopeless. Here are a few steps to feel confident and motivated no matter what picture comes across your screen.

  1. Rethink social media followers- Follow users who support body acceptance and encourage any body type. Social media has a big influence in how you see yourself in the mirror so make sure to start deleting those who do not motivate you.IMG_6376
  2. Fall in love with YOU- Many times it may seem as if someone is body shaming you but truth is, you body shame yourself before anyone else. Feel sexy and beautiful in your own skin and there will be a drastic change in atmosphere.
  3. Thank yourself for an amazing body- Have a mentality that your imperfections are overrated and it’s time to be thankful for the stuff that is beautiful on your body.

All photos taken by me.

Little steps make a big impact

How many of us have began the new year with a plan to lose weight or tried a weight loss program that only lasted for two months? Many people begin those thoughts through comparisons of other people or perhaps transformations with family or friends. One important role people do not seek when in the comparison phase is the body types. Yes, bodies may be similar or bigger but each body type and each person’s reason for being thicker is different. Everyone’s story and background is different. Therefore, when considering what works best for you, comparisons will not work but focusing and learning about your body will work out.

Transformation begins with consistency.

Lets lessen the constant stress for dieting. Trying a couple easy steps for keeping your body healthy and away from unhealthy habits leading to obesity should be the ultimate motivation. Now, these are easy steps to daily maintain health but will not guarantee weight loss for your body type. Find your body type and see what feels right for you if you are considering weight loss.

Being healthy or losing weight depends on what type of person you are in general. Are you an organized person who takes notes of everything? Begin a food diary and note what you have eaten throughout the day and hold yourself accountable by becoming balanced. Are you a huge sweets person who needs a dessert after every meal? Begin to cut down on sugar and start looking for healthier sugar alternatives that will also satisfy you and slowly turn you away from the wanting of always needing a dessert. Do you order soda every time you eat out? Try refraining and drink water and perhaps reward yourself with a soda every third time you go out. Begin a program with yourself and remain consistent.

Living a healthy lifestyle does not consist of you only eating salads and running. Everything is taken into consideration when wanting that better lifestyle for yourself. It goes from who you are, what you want, and how you feel throughout t

Happiness comes when you begin to love yourself. 

he process. If you are not happy then your body is definitely not satisfied which leads to the feeling of giving up. Now, if you are feeling great and better than ever, it will motivate you in the low moments to keep pushing forward.

Consistency with the little steps will lead to great achievements within yourself.




All photos taken by  me.

Confidence beyond the naked eye

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see your eyes first, your figure, or is it your imperfections? The truth of the matter is the majority of women see their imperfections more often than they see parts of them that they love. Here is how to stop seeing your imperfections first, and start seeing your true beauty first.

DoNOT shame your body. 

It all begins with little steps every day that caters to your specific confidence level. First step to a confident future is good posture. Studies have shown that a simple posture adjustment brings out inner elegance.Those who have a tendency to slouch lead to the sluggish feeling but when the shoulders are back and head is lifted, women walk and talk more confidently.

Second step is finding clothes that fit and hug your curves the right way. Yes, you heard it, there is a “right way” for clothing.

The misconception that many plus size women have is they tend to shop either a size under or a size over for their body type. If we glance at the size under, we see that there would be no confidence after eating or there would be a constant wanting to suck in your stomach the whole time and let’s be honest… we would not want to sit down without a pillow or a sweater in front of our stomach. Now if we look at the oversized clothing, we don’t see the beauty in the curves because it is covered with a cloth. We don’t see the beautiful details about our body when things just drape over.

Confidence speaks volumes. 

Last major step is finding the healthy lifestyle for you. A percentage of plus size women might want to attend the gym daily or another portion might feel great just eating a salad three times a week. You need to define what healthy looks like for you and what makes you feel amazing. Comparing another healthy lifestyle will bring you down. Uplift yourself with your definition of healthy even if that means a daily 10-minute walk.

If you find yourself looking in the mirror seeing imperfections, the first step is to find beauty within those imperfections. Hate your freckles? Learn to love those those little sun spots and see them as gifts from the sun. Hate your hips? Learn to love and appreciate those curves as those jeans hug your hips. We all love and hate different parts of our body but begin your confidence with the little steps to become a better and more confident version of you.




Photos taken by me.



The revolution of size 15

Stuck in a limbo because you’re between size 14 and 16? No need to worry and wish for the perfect jeans because Good Curve Collection is releasing their first ever size 15 made just right to hug those curves.

Khloe K
Khloe Kardashian working those jeans.

Many might see it as another size but this is the start to revolutionizing all-inclusive jean collections that cater to each curvy women. In the US fashion industry we see that size 14 and above is considered plus size, although, many do not agree with that term nor do they fit into that category. The plus size category is known to be dull and overly priced.

Three button high waisted jeans call for a good fit!

Based off of the Plunkett Research it was estimated that 68 percent of American women wear a size 14 or above. We also can see from the market research firm NPD, US sales of women’s plus size apparel reached $21.4 billion in 2016. In other words… Yes we all have felt the pain of having to settle for tight jeans or baggy jeans but hugging the size 15 curves season is finally here ladies! We are in an all-inclusive era where we can each feel sexy within our own standard.

The camera lens has changed…

Easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl?? Those commercials filled my mind as a young curvy girl with many questions about my body. I would see gorgeous women in front of the camera enjoying the fame and loving on themselves and I would think… why can’t that be me? Why is there a guideline to beautiful?

Then came one brave woman who loved herself enough to change the fashion industries thoughts on plus sized women as models, Jordan Tesfay. Tesfay was the first ever black plus sized model as a Covergirl spokesperson in 2010. The big break led her to working with, Queen Latifah in her Queen Latifah Cosmetics Line. Although Tesfay made a huge statement as a public figure, she states in recent interviews that there is  a lot of work still to be done. Tesfay broke the barrier for plus sized models but has not accomplished her goal in what society defines as beautiful.

Queen Latifah and Jordan Tesfay owning the camera!

Tesfay lived a life before her big break with Covergirl Cosmetics as a college student pursuing her degree in TV Broadcasting. She doubted herself  in the modeling career because she believed her body type was not known as the societies guideline of beauty. That quickly changed when Mode Magazine grasped her attention for being the first plus sized magazine at the time and she held onto the opportunity and exposed her beauty and received her first gig.  

Beauty beyond measurements with Jordan Tesfay.

Mode Magazine was seen as the “Vogue” for plus size women. Mode Magazine brought new light to women who were not your average size zero. They were the first to embrace the beauty within the love handles. Models such as Jordan Tesfay brought a great amount of hope to many curvy women. She placed a great foundation amongst the fashion industry for plus sized models. Tesfay did not receive a great amount of attention for her great accomplishment in 2010 but she did bring a new vision. She left history behind the camera and came in with a different lens for the future.

As I rewind my life as a young girl sitting on a couch watching Covergirl commercials, I would change my point of view as a curvy child. Tesfay brought dominance for curvy women and did not let any other body type faze her boldness.