The camera lens has changed…

Easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl?? Those commercials filled my mind as a young curvy girl with many questions about my body. I would see gorgeous women in front of the camera enjoying the fame and loving on themselves and I would think… why can’t that be me? Why is there a guideline to beautiful?

Then came one brave woman who loved herself enough to change the fashion industries thoughts on plus sized women as models, Jordan Tesfay. Tesfay was the first ever black plus sized model as a Covergirl spokesperson in 2010. The big break led her to working with, Queen Latifah in her Queen Latifah Cosmetics Line. Although Tesfay made a huge statement as a public figure, she states in recent interviews that there is  a lot of work still to be done. Tesfay broke the barrier for plus sized models but has not accomplished her goal in what society defines as beautiful.

Queen Latifah and Jordan Tesfay owning the camera!

Tesfay lived a life before her big break with Covergirl Cosmetics as a college student pursuing her degree in TV Broadcasting. She doubted herself  in the modeling career because she believed her body type was not known as the societies guideline of beauty. That quickly changed when Mode Magazine grasped her attention for being the first plus sized magazine at the time and she held onto the opportunity and exposed her beauty and received her first gig.  

Beauty beyond measurements with Jordan Tesfay.

Mode Magazine was seen as the “Vogue” for plus size women. Mode Magazine brought new light to women who were not your average size zero. They were the first to embrace the beauty within the love handles. Models such as Jordan Tesfay brought a great amount of hope to many curvy women. She placed a great foundation amongst the fashion industry for plus sized models. Tesfay did not receive a great amount of attention for her great accomplishment in 2010 but she did bring a new vision. She left history behind the camera and came in with a different lens for the future.

As I rewind my life as a young girl sitting on a couch watching Covergirl commercials, I would change my point of view as a curvy child. Tesfay brought dominance for curvy women and did not let any other body type faze her boldness.



One thought on “The camera lens has changed…

  1. Amazing blog! Such wow! This was so inspirational!! Favorite quote was from *The camera lens has changed*, “Easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl?? Those commercials filled my mind as a young curvy girl with many questions about my body.” As a photographer this blog has really changed my perspective on the woman’s body and “what is defined” as beauty in the industry and “what should be” defined as beauty.


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