The revolution of size 15

Stuck in a limbo because you’re between size 14 and 16? No need to worry and wish for the perfect jeans because Good Curve Collection is releasing their first ever size 15 made just right to hug those curves.

Khloe K
Khloe Kardashian working those jeans.

Many might see it as another size but this is the start to revolutionizing all-inclusive jean collections that cater to each curvy women. In the US fashion industry we see that size 14 and above is considered plus size, although, many do not agree with that term nor do they fit into that category. The plus size category is known to be dull and overly priced.

Three button high waisted jeans call for a good fit!

Based off of the Plunkett Research it was estimated that 68 percent of American women wear a size 14 or above. We also can see from the market research firm NPD, US sales of women’s plus size apparel reached $21.4 billion in 2016. In other words… Yes we all have felt the pain of having to settle for tight jeans or baggy jeans but hugging the size 15 curves season is finally here ladies! We are in an all-inclusive era where we can each feel sexy within our own standard.

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