Confidence beyond the naked eye

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see your eyes first, your figure, or is it your imperfections? The truth of the matter is the majority of women see their imperfections more often than they see parts of them that they love. Here is how to stop seeing your imperfections first, and start seeing your true beauty first.

DoNOT shame your body. 

It all begins with little steps every day that caters to your specific confidence level. First step to a confident future is good posture. Studies have shown that a simple posture adjustment brings out inner elegance.Those who have a tendency to slouch lead to the sluggish feeling but when the shoulders are back and head is lifted, women walk and talk more confidently.

Second step is finding clothes that fit and hug your curves the right way. Yes, you heard it, there is a “right way” for clothing.

The misconception that many plus size women have is they tend to shop either a size under or a size over for their body type. If we glance at the size under, we see that there would be no confidence after eating or there would be a constant wanting to suck in your stomach the whole time and let’s be honest… we would not want to sit down without a pillow or a sweater in front of our stomach. Now if we look at the oversized clothing, we don’t see the beauty in the curves because it is covered with a cloth. We don’t see the beautiful details about our body when things just drape over.

Confidence speaks volumes. 

Last major step is finding the healthy lifestyle for you. A percentage of plus size women might want to attend the gym daily or another portion might feel great just eating a salad three times a week. You need to define what healthy looks like for you and what makes you feel amazing. Comparing another healthy lifestyle will bring you down. Uplift yourself with your definition of healthy even if that means a daily 10-minute walk.

If you find yourself looking in the mirror seeing imperfections, the first step is to find beauty within those imperfections. Hate your freckles? Learn to love those those little sun spots and see them as gifts from the sun. Hate your hips? Learn to love and appreciate those curves as those jeans hug your hips. We all love and hate different parts of our body but begin your confidence with the little steps to become a better and more confident version of you.




Photos taken by me.



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