Little steps make a big impact

How many of us have began the new year with a plan to lose weight or tried a weight loss program that only lasted for two months? Many people begin those thoughts through comparisons of other people or perhaps transformations with family or friends. One important role people do not seek when in the comparison phase is the body types. Yes, bodies may be similar or bigger but each body type and each person’s reason for being thicker is different. Everyone’s story and background is different. Therefore, when considering what works best for you, comparisons will not work but focusing and learning about your body will work out.

Transformation begins with consistency.

Lets lessen the constant stress for dieting. Trying a couple easy steps for keeping your body healthy and away from unhealthy habits leading to obesity should be the ultimate motivation. Now, these are easy steps to daily maintain health but will not guarantee weight loss for your body type. Find your body type and see what feels right for you if you are considering weight loss.

Being healthy or losing weight depends on what type of person you are in general. Are you an organized person who takes notes of everything? Begin a food diary and note what you have eaten throughout the day and hold yourself accountable by becoming balanced. Are you a huge sweets person who needs a dessert after every meal? Begin to cut down on sugar and start looking for healthier sugar alternatives that will also satisfy you and slowly turn you away from the wanting of always needing a dessert. Do you order soda every time you eat out? Try refraining and drink water and perhaps reward yourself with a soda every third time you go out. Begin a program with yourself and remain consistent.

Living a healthy lifestyle does not consist of you only eating salads and running. Everything is taken into consideration when wanting that better lifestyle for yourself. It goes from who you are, what you want, and how you feel throughout t

Happiness comes when you begin to love yourself. 

he process. If you are not happy then your body is definitely not satisfied which leads to the feeling of giving up. Now, if you are feeling great and better than ever, it will motivate you in the low moments to keep pushing forward.

Consistency with the little steps will lead to great achievements within yourself.




All photos taken by  me.

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