Few steps to overcoming body shaming…

Body shaming is everywhere and you might be hurting yourself without the intention of wanting to be hurt. You are probably unlocking your phone while sipping on your morning coffee and BOOM.. you see a society definedIMG_6594 beautiful model in a swimsuit and instantly feel ashamed your hips or stomach rolls don’t match.

This feeling carries throughout the day and leads up to hours of researching different diets while feeling hopeless. Here are a few steps to feel confident and motivated no matter what picture comes across your screen.

  1. Rethink social media followers- Follow users who support body acceptance and encourage any body type. Social media has a big influence in how you see yourself in the mirror so make sure to start deleting those who do not motivate you.IMG_6376
  2. Fall in love with YOU- Many times it may seem as if someone is body shaming you but truth is, you body shame yourself before anyone else. Feel sexy and beautiful in your own skin and there will be a drastic change in atmosphere.
  3. Thank yourself for an amazing body- Have a mentality that your imperfections are overrated and it’s time to be thankful for the stuff that is beautiful on your body.

All photos taken by me.

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