Holiday curves

Fall is here and the holidays are around the corner. Ladies.. We need these curves to be jolly in the right spot when we wear our cute outfits. Wait.. cute outfits? Yes! We all have a chance to feel sexy, beautiful, and still be cozy during the holidays! Here are a few outfit ideas as we jump into the festivities with our amazing curves:

  1. A loud jacket: Yes, when we walk into the office or into the dinner we need everyone looking your way as you strut your way down the walkway. For example, a beautiful plum jacket over a black dress would look bold and beautiful or you can wear it over your all time favorite jeans and go with a stylish yet relaxed look.
  2. Belts: A skinny brown belt with your favorite blue top and cute ripped jeans will rock anyones world. That blue blouse hanging in your closet needs life and definition so shop for a cute brown skinny belt and throw it on and you will see the blue blouse turn into a sexy blouse. For example, blue blouse with black ripped jeans and black high heels finished off with the skinny brown belt. You will become unstoppable!

    Feeling confident in all black with brown combat boots!
  3. Knee High Boots: The boots can make any body look gorgeous in a minute. You can wear your favorite knee high boots with any outfit on top and an automatic guarantee for a cute outfit! For example, black leggings with a black blouse and olive green jacket finished off with the knee high brown boots. Gorgeous!
  4. Scarfs: Color coordinating scarfs is a no brainer and it will make anyone look confident! If it’s chilly outside, don’t think twice on adding a scarf to your outfit because it will bump up the sexy level.
  5. Smile: The most important and sexiest accessory you can ever add to your wardrobe is a smile. A smile can lightup the room and most of all, it lights up your eyes so it is a win win for everyone! Put on the outfit and a beautiful smile and you will be the sexiest and most confident woman in the office during the holidays.

    All black spaghetti strap blouse paired with ripped jeans! 

These are only a few accessories to help your outfit or even to boost your confidence.There are many other accessories that can be added to revive your outfits. Either way, embrace those curves because you deserve to go out and feel amazing during the holidays!



All photos taken by me.


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